What are the housing rules?

Founded in 2005      

1 Accommodation in rooms start at 12:00.
Even if tourists are arriving earlier and they were booking will not be able to check in until after that time.

2 The room remains free at 11:00 am.
One hour is required for cleaning and freshening the room.

3 Access to Bistro – Bar is allowed between 08:00 – 22.00.
Any exemptions to this program will be discussed with the villa staff.

4 Access to the dining room and the bar with drinks from outside the unit is strictly forbidden!
Customers are invited to order drinks from the varieties offered by the villa bar.

5 Hosting by tourists of unregistered people in the rooms they have rented is not allowed.
Visits are permitted between reasonable hours and period.

6 The cost of any inventory item, damaged exclusively by the fault of the accommodated tourists, will be additionally charged.
The prices of these items can not be negotiated and are found in the inventory records.

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